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On Fri, 24 Nov 2000 01:37:46 Echo|Fox wrote: >Woo. >I've now seen 4 episodes of G Gundam and I like it more and more every >episode I see. >I think the reason it succeeds is that it doesn't take itself seriously.

At last! Something good to say about G, carry on

>and Raine is certainly number 3 on the Hot Female Gundam character list >(behind only Four and Ayna)

Same here (after Four and Rosamia)

>A few other things of note were the appearance of bits (non-newtype powered, >of course), and the surprisingly number of bits that Wing borrows from G.

If you're in episode 4, then the Master Gundam hasn't appeared yet. Its a dead ringer for the Wing (the long ears and the wings) and of course the Dragon Gundam.

>G Gundam is almost certain to do well in North America when its released,

Hopefully. It wasn't as well accepted here in the Philippines, but then again it was shown at a timeslot for little kids (along with Eva and Wing) which generally meant that most of the target audience never even saw most of the stuff.

Once a firm UC foundation is laid though, and people >have a basic for comparison, I think they'll enjoy it even more.



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