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Well, to go back to basics I would say the best thing for MS's would be the
portable beam rifle.
Before that they were just using really big machine guns, and where this
could cause some serious damage, the battleship weapons were still better.
The rifle allowed for long distant(relative) battles that could be over ALOT
faster than with conventional weapons.
It also allowed for more accurate devastating attacks that weren't hampered
by Minvinski(?) particles(no radar, etc.), because ship weapons are nice,
but hard to aim quickly.
So there it is in a nutshell, introduced in the first episode, or at least
in the first movie, and possible the best thing to happen to MS tech.

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Throughout the ages of UC, there have been many improvements to mobile suits
... magnetic coating, the linear seat, transformation, Gundarium Gamma, the
psycoframe, bits and funnels, beam shields...
What improvement would you all say had the greatest effect on mobile suit
warfare? What new technology had the most influence and most changed the way
battlers were fought.
I'd be tempted to go with Gundarium Gamma myself, because of the way it
found its way into all mobile suits, but honestly, grunts still got blowed
up real bad, even given the armor boost ;p

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