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Subject: Re: [gundam] Nu Gundam MG-no funnels?

>Actually the upcoming Nu Gundam will have 6 funnels, just like >the old
>and 1/144 kits. I have trouble telling them apart because they >look so

>here are the pics:

>>From the pictures I don't see a lot of improvemenst over the >old 1/100
>kit(except the internal structure). Shame on Bandai!

Actually, i think this is because the old 1/100 was quite a good (almost MG)
kit and it would be kind of hard to try to top it. Besides, they probably
don't want to spend much more resources on it what with all the new MGs
especially the mediocre SAzabi.

Items on sale:

>Looking at all the pictures I've seen of the model, plus the lineart at
>Gundam perfect web, it looks like Bandai might be cheaping out on us by not
>giving us any funnels for the kit. Any opinions?

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