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>> >I still think it's cruel.:P
>> why so? if there was a Filipino GUndam, it would use a yo-yo >and a
>> probably would be smaller than most and colored brown, with a >g-string
>> nice hat. but then, I wouldn't mind, because gundam G was >meant to be
>> is, after all, one of the better series in the AC stuff. and >>I would
>> admit, it had SOME kick ass designs.

>That's because katoki was in it and did the best he could to >make the
>suit concepts into something good. I'd never thought I'd say >this, but
>katoki failed. I don't blame him. I cannot see it possible to >make
>good out of those abominations. Making fun of other countries >is not
>enjoyable unless you're a racist. I choose not to enjoy G->Gundam because
>is silly, cruel, racist, mean, and pointless. I'm a stubborn >guy. But I
>stand up for my beliefs.

I'd have to agree with Richie on this one, sometimes we have to get out from
behind the high sounding PC crap and just have fun. That was what G Gundam
was, it was fun and over the top and it didn't have any qualms about it

Franz proud to be Filipino

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