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On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 03:42:43 Richie Ramos wrote:

>>yeah. to be honest, not many of the present day realmecha >would stand a chance >>against the superrobots, due to the ridiculous firepower. >except maybe the >>FSS mechs.

>Hmm.. I never thought of that. I wonder if Bandai can shell out >enough to get FSS into SRW... > along with KareKano. hmmm...would this be a trend in anime->style >>story-telling?

>Are you talking about "His and Her Circumstances"? I heard its >pretty good and that its from Gainax. I also heard that its a >shojo show. If so, are they into shojo now, I mean, this will >sound very presumptive, but I think Y. Sadamoto (Eva designer) >watches shojo. Case in point: If you ever saw Marmalade Boy, >you'll see where Rei Ayanami came from (IMHO)


No kare Kano will never get into SRW because there are no mecha. Actually though, i like Kare Kano, more than EVA I think, IMHO, Anno's style is better fitted to a show like Kare Kano than to a mecha show. Besides it's funny (unlike EVA).

Youm cannot however watch the whole 26 episodes in one sitting much like EVA, this seems to ba an Anno Hideaki trait.

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