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Couldn't be instead be one of the 4 songs in the cd "GUNDAM - Singles
History I" connected with Z Gundam? It would seem to me to be "Z - koku o
koete", but if it is really a beautiful song there are more chances that it
is "Mizu no hoshi e ai o komete". Any way, my name is Alessandro and I am an
Italian Gundam Saga's fan.
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> > Also, there's this
> > great song from Gundam Zeta, it starts out acoustic, and accented with
> > electric guitar/orchestra in between riffs.

> If the song is you're talking about doesn't have lyrics in it,it's the
> song from the Z-Gundam game for psx. More specificly it's the end music
> during the credits of the Char disc.

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