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Fri, 24 Nov 2000 03:04:04 -0600

>I've now seen 4 episodes of G Gundam and I like it more and more every
>episode I see.
>I think the reason it succeeds is that it doesn't take itself seriously.
>Everyone involved, from the writers to the mechanical designers clearly
>realized how utterly preposterous the concept of giant robots fighting one
>on one for rulership of the known galaxy was and really ran with it. The
>characters are all genuinely likeable so far (Wing got that wrong, since
>overall I didn't care for them, while X and Turn A more or less succeeded),
>and Raine is certainly number 3 on the Hot Female Gundam character list
>(behind only Four and Ayna). Despite of (or perhaps because of) the
>stereotyping of the characters, you end up with some fresh characters.
>Through the first four eps we've only seen hints of the real meat of the
>story (That's what I find cool ... I haven't even hit the real story yet,
>which by all reports is quite good, and i'm enjoying it already), but a few
>tidbits have been dropped. The rules of the Gundam fight have beem laid
>and we're slowly being introduced to the recurring characters, along with a
>little interaction between Domon and Raine.
>The mechanical designs, while highly stylized, look a lot better in motion
>than the do on paper (even the more ... odd ... designs). Again, once you
>realize its not to be taken too seriously it becomes a lot more enjoyable
>and the far out designs make perfect sense.
>A few other things of note were the appearance of bits (non-newtype
>of course), and the surprisingly number of bits that Wing borrows from G.
>I'd almost say as much is borrowed from G as from UC, in Wing. ... and
>George from Neo-France has hair that would make even Trowa jealous :P I can
>guaratee he's going to be a hit with the ladies once its released over
>Same for Domon. He does the brooding loner shtick much better than Heero.
>G Gundam is almost certain to do well in North America when its released,
>but its good that Bandai is going back to UC to start things off. The
>average TV watcher has a somewhat distorted view of Gundam as a whole
>because of Wing (the whole superrobot thing), and G would only make things
>worse at this point. Once a firm UC foundation is laid though, and people
>have a basic for comparison, I think they'll enjoy it even more.
>So, in the words of pretty much every Gundam fighter ... G Gundam ... ready
>..... GO!

So are you saying that you know *for sure* that it's slated for commercial
release (or at least going to be)? I only have the first four episodes on
tape, and loved every part of it. Especially Dragon Gundam, one of the
keenest alternate universe Gundams ever (IMHO). I can't wait to get my hands
on the rest.

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