Chris Beilby (
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 15:11:16

Well, as much as I hate to, I've found that the time has co0me for me to
leave the Gundam Mailing List. The main reason for this is due to the sheer
volume of mail coming from the list, most of it absolutely of no interest to
me. In other words, FLAMES!

The flame war that Anonymous (the coward) was trying to start against Zhou
was the straw that broke the camel's back. I may not agree with Zhou or his
opinions, but I think that he had some damm good points to make, and was
making them. But Anonymous is trolling on this list to do nothing more than
start a flamewar.

Several of the veterans on this list were commenting in the above thread
about the general degradation of the quality of posts on this list. When I
first joined, almost two years ago, the GML was my first ML, and I was very
impressed with the level of maturity of the posters. Some of these people I
had met at cons ()Mark Simmons, for example) and I knew some of what to
expect. I was even able to tolerate ....err... ...obtuse behavior on the
parts of some of the posters, because even the ones that I don't have much
respect for had some things to contribute. However, of late, the influx of
newbies has made the list a lot less pleasant. I'm not saying that all the
newbies are responsible. Most of you new members are good, and I looked
forward to reading your posts. But unfortunately, I've also seen a very few
bad apples who are interested only in causing havoc.

Zhou... You're a smart kid. You've got a lot of good points to make, and
you have a good, if somewhat confrontational, debating style. Just a little
advice from another person with a bad temper. Try to tone it down just a
bit. Before you respond to a flame, take a step back and relax before you
post. And simply ignore Anonymous. He's not worth it.

Anonymous. The way you're acting simply shows that you are a coward and an
idiot. If you're going to try and start flamewars, then DO IT WITH YOUR
REAL EMAIL ADDRESS. All that you're doing is showing that you have the
mentality of a brain damaged three year old (And the language skills of the
same, judging by your grammar and spelling) In other words, get the heck
off of this mailing list! You aren't doing anyone any favors. And if you
hate asians so much, what the hell are you doing on an mailing list devoted
to a JAPANESE animated series?

To everyone else... Well, guys, it's been fun. I know we didn't get along
all the time (Especially you and I, Eddie) but I'm going to miss it...
Maybe, once I get more time, and the signal to noise ratio has improved,
I'll be back...


Chris Beilby
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