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> Well, there was an MSV case where 6 GMs headed
> for Luna II were attacked leaving orbit by Johnny
> Raiden and his troops. Now if I go out to fight them,
> and my carrier gets whacked, would a GM be better
> off giving up, trying to run for Luna II by itself, knowing
> Zeon has a Musai in the area, or diving back into the
> atmosphere.

I would say he's fucked, but an intrepid pilot would find a way of surviving,
or die in the attempt. If nothing else is available, then there are no other

> Well, Anti-ship is really vague in Gundam, the same
> bazooka that can destroy a ship might be the only
> thing that will dent a Mobile Armor, or Marine unit
> like a Gog, or something. Zeon had plenty of units
> I'd rather try and take out with a bazooka than try to
> wither away with a 90 mm.


>> * core block escape system
> It saved Kou ... but there are other concerns for not
> having Core fighters, the core fighter requires
> Gundams to have external cooling equipment like
> Zeon's external Zaku hoses. The core fighter also
> prevents the use of a Cockpit Ball type 360 degree
> virtual cockpit, so they would have eventually gone
> away...

Yep, Kou is the only one I can think of. And the Linear Seat cockpit does
become available in a core block system by 0120, as seen in F91 and Crossbone
Gundam, and then later in Victory.

>> * super-tuff armor
> Um what about reactor explosions, what about
> grenades, near misses with bazookas, anything
> like that... Shrapnel is a pain ... like they say its
> not the bullet with your name on it that gets you,
> its the artillery fire addressed to the current
> occupant that's a real problem.

What about them? My point is that the Gundam survives because Amuro The
Invulnerable is the pilot, and that the stats created later on explained it
as Lunar Titanium armor. The fact the four other Lunar Titanium equipped
units are destroyed by 120 mm rifle fire seems to have been forgotten.

>The shield is a great idea too, many times the shield
> took the one hit that would have actually dented the
> Gundam's armor.

Indeed, this is very true.

>> Without a better reactor, the GM *can't* use *every*
>> weapon the Gundam used; namely, the beam rifle.
>But Bazookas and GM Custom Rifles are way better
> anyhow, they don't cause reactor explosions.

A very good point.


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