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>> * reentry capability
> To me, in the UC Gundam universe, general-purpose
> = all-purpose. Granted, reentry capability for a mobile
> suit is probably not necessary.
That is the root of our problem. To me, general-purpose means
general-purpose, while all-purpose means all-purpose. The Gundam is
all-purpose, as amply proven by Mr. Simmons and Mr. Zhou.

GM stands for General-purpose Mass-produced. They are general-purpose,
standardize, upgradable base units that several variants are derived from.

They can't do everything, general-purpose doesn't mean they can do
everything. General-purpose means they are used by virtually everyone for a
wide range of roles and functions. The Gundam was not used in large
quantities, and therefore in my opinion cannot be considered to be a
general-purpose unit.

>> * beam rifle support
> Greater accuracy, longer range. If used economically,
> won't run out of shots as quickly as a bazooka. Also,
> the Zeon mobile suits were first used against Federation
> ships. A ship-busting weapon probably carried over from
> Feddie memories about Ruum and British.

Being used economically and being produce economically are two different

>> * spare beam saber (allowing two-handed melee combat)
> An MS is NOT a foot soldier. An extra weapon was pretty
> useful a couple of times in the original Gundam when
> Amuro spent the beam rifle's energy. Don't get me started
> on the SCA.

If a GM isn't a foot soldier, then what is it?

Mobile Suits are advanced fighter craft that replicate the abilities of
infantry on a x10 scale. Foot soldiers made large.

>> * adaptive learning computer
> Well, it did help Amuro out. The more he used the
> Gundam, the more the Gundam's pilot 'learned' Amuro's
> piloting style. The computer could then predict what
> Amuro would do in a given situation and carry out the
> movement for him, unless he dictated otherwise.
> Theoretically, this would make the MS easier for a
> specific pilot to fly over time. The famous 'Gundam
> last shooting' could be attributed to the learning computer,
> considering Amuro wasn't in the cockpit during that
> incident.

If that's the case, I can see why it was dropped. If the computer on a
vehicle learns one pilot, than other pilots won't be able to use that vehicle
as well, as the computer will interpret its pilot incorrectly. As pilots cost
less to produce, yet vehicles are quicker to build, having a dedicated unit
for each pilot is not economically feasible for any military organization.
Dropping the auto-customizing capability allows GMs to be more of the
general-use vehicle, and hence more of a general-purpose machine.

>> * core block escape system
> Well, considering in the series and original movies,
> there were only three active MSes using the core-
> block system, the question is a bit unfair. Hayato
> did use it, as well as Ryu (though it didn't really save
> his life, eh?). Amuro used it at the end, though not
> quite as an MS escape system.

Exactly. No reason to put it into general use, as it costs more than it
returns and adds unnecessary complexity to an already complex design.

>> * super-tuff armor
> The Gundam carried a shield *because* it had less
> armor than the Guncannon. In the first episode, the
> strength of the Gundam's armor is shown quite clearly
> when Jeen(?) fires upon the supine Gundam with the
> Zaku's machine-gun and the Gundam doesn't get a
> scratch. Char also comments on the Gundam's armor
> after scoring several direct hits on it in their first
> encounter. The armor is not a plot is
> a feature of the MS.

Well, Gundam units 1 and 3, as well as the other Guncannons were destroyed
very easily by the same 120 mm gun that couldn't even scratch the Gundam
Amuro was piloting. Point out a fact that covers the reason why unit 3 was
destroyed while unit 2 wasn't, and why Guncannons could be destroyed by 120
mm rounds while Gundam unit 2 couldn't.

Also GMs do have armor tougher than Zakus, and they can hold their own
against Doms. They have a greater thrust than the Gundam due to their being
lighter while still having the same overall thrust, and they carry the exact
same shield. Gelgoogs can eat GMs for lunch, but they can also kill Gundams
with ease. Except anything piloted by Amuro, that is.

>> * optional power-up parts (G-Armor)
> Which is why it was dropped. In fact, the movies
> remove the G-Armor entirely, replacing it with the
> more realistic Core Booster.


> Without a better reactor, the GM *can't* use *every*
> weapon the Gundam used; namely, the beam rifle.

I will still stick by my point that the reason GMs can't use beam rifles is
bullshit engineering this fact only because it was thought up first as a
means of explaining not giving to the GMs of the original show.

That aside, though, there GMs that can use beam rifles, and all GMs seem to
be able to use beam guns with no need to upgrade.


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