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> I guess this is the tragedy of Gundam, that kids have to
> be dragged in the useless, immature wars of the adults.
> Another message is I guess that old people are stubborn
> with their ways and that the youth should be the source
> of change. I mean, most if not all the Gundam pilots aren't
> even old enough to legally buy beer when they started
> piloting the Gundam.

Children are inherently flexible thinkers and extremely adaptable to harsh
conditions. Gundam has always portrayed the loss of innocence in the young as
the greatest evil of warfare. Atrocities are committed by the trusting
youths, while being planned and directed by the paranoid bigoted adults.

What is it that most of us lose as we transition from child to adult? What is
it that causes angst in most, as innocence is lost and responsibility is
rebelled against? Why must some smother their hearts in order to stay
children, or risk baring their souls to the teeth of adulthood?


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