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some are full, some are not still have to upload. Gundam Symphony and 08th
team and I think Gundam singles are still up. If not let me know.
These are in .zip due to the fact that NBCI not allowing MP3 files to be


Scott Alexander Frantz

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>I've been looking for some original Gundam mp3s myself for a long time...
>I have no idea where to look. When I search on napster, I only get a
>bunch of crappy techno Wing mp3s...

Yeah, I've been getting the same Wing techno garbage. I downloaded the midi
of the original main theme but, it doesn't sound too good. I would rather
have the mp3. Plus, I can't get the theme music out of my head. I NEED THIS
MP3. In return I will name my first-born after anyone who sends me a link.
(Not a guarantee :P)

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