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> Lets get the history straight. Zeon's deed: Gasing civilian colony cylander
> in a land grab. Droping colony before they figure out how to do one, and
> causing unnecessary civilian damage. Both Federation and Zeon were quite
> liberal in their use of nuclear weapons in space, which cause quite a bit of
> damage (OK, most of the damage).
> Federation's excess, as represented by the Titan is quite small in
> comparison to what Zeon did in the first week of One Year War.

The history, as reflected in the UC timeline, is as follows:

0079.01.03 - The One Year War begins. The period from 3 to 10 January 0079
becomes known as the One Week War. The Zeon Principality declares war against
the Federation, simultaneously launching surprise attacks on Zahn Province in
Side 1 (L5), Hatte Province in Side 2 (L4) and Moore Province in Side 4 (L5).
Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) weapons are used indiscriminately and 2.8
billion lives are lost as the Federation garrisons and the colonies that house
them are destroyed.

0079.01.04 - Operation British, the dropping of the depopulated Side 2 (L4)
colony Island Iffish onto the Jaburu EFSF base via a slingshot orbit around the
Moon, goes awry when the colony breaks into four pieces over the Persian Gulf.
The three smaller pieces fall on unpopulated areas of North America; the fourth
and largest falls on Sydney, Australia. The resulting 60,000 megaton blast
destroys 16% of the continent, creating a 500-kilometer (300-mile) crater and
setting off an “impact winter” that drastically changes Earth’s climate.

0079.01.15 - The Battle of Raum in Side 5 (L1). EFSF space fleet destroyed,
along with the entire Side and its 2˝ billion inhabitants, with the exception of
the Texas colony, which is badly damaged. The debris field around L1 becomes
known as the Shoal Zone. 500 million killed in action.

0079.01.31 - The Antarctic Treaty is signed. Further use of NBC weapons, colony
drops or other weapons of mass destruction prohibited. Sanctity of neutral space
and lunar colonies guaranteed.

0079.02.07 - The ZMF begins its Earth invasion operation.

0079.04 - Using captured resources and facilities, the Zeon Principality begins
building up its military power. (It also begins systematic looting of art
treasures and gold reserves.)

0079.09 - Side 3 (L2) Bunch 38 (Mahal) space colony evacuated for conversion to
Solar Ray System.

0079.09.18 - ZMF 1st Division special forces (commanded by Char Aznable) assault
the Side 7 (L3) Bunch 1 (Green Noah) colony.

0079.10.04 - Earth Attack Force commander Garma Zabi killed in action.

0079.10.06 - Gihren Zabi’s funeral speech for Garma Zabi is broadcast throughout
the Earth Sphere. First use of the phrase “Sieg Zeon!” (Reprisals against Earth
promised in the speech presumablu ensue.)

0079.11.07~09 - Operation Odessa. (ZMF forces under the command of General Yuri
Kerane *may* have deployed a nuclear weapon while retreating.)

0079.11.30 - The ZMF launches a drop operation against the EFSF Jaburu base. It

0079.12.09 - The ZMF Cyclops special forces team attacks the EFSF Arctic base on
Augustus Island transshipping the RX-78 NT-1.

0079.12.13 - The presence of the RX-78 NT-1 prompts the ZMF to attack EFSF
forces in Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).

0079.12.19 - Operation Rubicon. Cyclops team attacks EFSF facility in Side 6
(L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).

0079.12.21 - Commander Killing commits mutiny, shoots Granada commandant Von
Helsing and orders a nuclear strike against Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).

0079.12.25 - The EFSF begin Operation Star One. Zeon ship carrying banned
nuclear missile intercepted and destroyed near Side 6 (L4) Bunch 35 (Libot).

0079.12.30 - The ZMF executes Operation Solar Ray. Sovereign Degwin Sodo Zabi is
killed and the EFSF Reville fleet is destroyed.

0079.12.31 - A’Bao’A’Qu falls. (The Federation retaliates for the Solar Ray
attack by deploying the Solar System.)

0083.10.13 - Operation Stardust. The GP02A Gundam Physalis, with a Mk.82 nuclear
warhead, is stolen.

0083.11.10 - Anavel Gato attacks the naval review, using the GP02A’s Mk.82
nuclear warhead. Two-thirds of the participating vessels are immobilized or
worse, and heavy casualties are received.

0083.11.13 - The Island Ease colony falls near the border of Kansas and Nebraska
on the North American continent.

0083.12.04 - The Titans are formed at the urging of Commodore Jamitov Heimann,
and the hunt for former ZMF forces is intensified.

0084.03.10 - The truth about the colony fall and the details of the Gundam
Development Project are erased from official records.

0085.07.31 - The Bunch 30 Incident. The Titans pump GGG (3G) nerve gas into Side
1 (L5) Bunch 30 colony, massacring its inhabitants. In response, anti-government
movements intensify. The Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) is organized.

0087.01.10 - The Alaska Incident. Details unknown, but Kalaba founded as a
result. (Another massacre by the Titans? Or just a "skirmish" between Titans and
ESFS regulars?)

0087.05.11 - The AEUG attacks the EFSF Jaburu base. The base is destroyed by a
nuclear time bomb, whose very existence was illegal. The AUEG joins forces with
the Kalaba.

0087.06.29 - The Titans attack Hong Kong City.

0087.08.10 - The Titans launch Operation Apollo, attacking Von Braun City.

0087.08.17 - AEUG leader Commodore Brex Forra is assassinated. (Presumably by
Titans, but just as easily any Federation faction.)

0087.08.24 - The Titans unsuccessfully attempt to drop a colony on Granada.

0087.09.21 - The Titans unsuccessfully attack Side 2 (L4) Bunch 25 colony with
3G gas.

0087.10.05 - The Titans bomb the Von Braun City spaceport.

0087.11.16 - The AEUG occupies the Federation Assembly in Dakar and denounces
the Titans before the whole world. (The Titans don't help their cause by
attacking civilians in the process of trying to take down the AEUG operatives.)

0087.12.07 - The Titans destroy Side 2 (L4) Bunch 18 colony with the Gryps 2
Colony Laser.

0087.12.07 - The Titans destroy Side 2 (L4) Bunch 18 colony with the Gryps 2
Colony Laser.

0087.12.14 - The Titans attack Side 2 (L4) Bunch 21 colony with 3G gas, killing
all 8 million inhabitants.

That's pretty much it, unless you want to include Axis/Neo Zeon activities as
seen in Gundam ZZ. If so, I suppose we should include the New Decides revolt in
Pezun as Titan activity.

On balance, it appears that the bulk of Zeon-instigated destruction was during
the One Week War, the horrific NBC battle at the very beginning of the One Year
War, the ferocity of which came as a shock to both sides and led to the
Antarctive Treaty. Thereafter, Zeon depredation was limited to a few
fanatics -- Killing and Delaz/Gatp are the outstanding examples -- and the
relatively mild looting by folks like Ma Kube and Yuri Kerane.

In contrast, the Titans were much more malicious, destroying several colonies
and attempting the destruction of nearly twice as many as the succeeded, using
proscribed weapons of mass destruction in almost every instance. They also
targetted civilians and attempted to bomb a major Lunar spaceport just to get a
handful of AEUG operatives.

It should be noted that it was the Zabi Family and its supporters, along with
their military establishment, not the Zeon Principality that is responsible for
the One Year War and subsequent Zeon revenet and Axis/Neo Zeon activity.
Similarly, the Titans were an elite branch of the EFSF, with roughly the same
relationship to it as the Schutzstaffel (SS = "Protection Squadron") to the
Wehrmacht ("Defense Force") -- the Kalaba was formed from EFSF members who
opposed the Titans but continued to support the EUG, in contrast to the AEUG,
which held the EUG responsilbe for the depredations of its Titans forces.


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