Rian Eitwer (gundamsg@hotmail.com)
Thu, 23 Nov 2000 00:45:30 -0000

This is my first post ^^. Hi! I’m Rian.., I’m trying to absorb all gundam’s
knowledge (is that possible?), and somehow I need a help.. hopefully from
GML. ^^

I started watching the series chronologically : mobile suit gundam the movie
I,II,III, war in the pocket, stardust memory, Zeta, but then jump to Char’s
Counterattack. I am dissapointed by the incoming of Hathaway Flash and
wonder why Sunrise had decided not to make it as a part of their gundam
saga. Perhaps that was my first question :).

Second, does anyone know the meaning of “Char is pure” that came out
while Amuro was dreaming of Lala Sun in CCA?

Last but not least.I’ve heard about the died of Inoe Daisuke, the singer
of“Beginning”,which one of my favorite gundam songs, “Ai no senshi”and “Kaze
ni hitori de”singer. Is that true?


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