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Jim Huang wrote:

> On 21 Nov 00, at 21:13, Rodrick Su wrotf:
> > > i think you're missing on a great oav just because you
> > > refuse to accept feddies as baddies. fyi, the zeon
> > > weren't the bad guys either. :P
> > Lets get the history straight. Zeon's deed: Gasing civilian colony
> > cylander in a land grab. Droping colony before they figure out how to
> > do one, and causing unnecessary civilian damage. Both Federation and
> I have two issues with those statement.
> There were no indications that Zeon had moved any of those
> depopulated colony to side 3. There are also no indication that
> Zeon repopulate those colonies with their own citizens. Nor did they
> made claim or garrison them with military force. Lacking those
> factors, I do not think you can call that land grab.
> The problem with colony drop wasn't because they didn't figure out
> how to do it. It's the Federation's action that diverted colony from
> miltary target into civilian area.

You mean there's actually more information on the original colony drop over
Australia (which seems to be what you're saying in stating that the Feds
diverted it)? The most I'd ever heard was that it occurred. Its always
seemed to be one of those things that just "happened" (sorta kinda), and no
one ever worried about any of the details (except for the new bay that the
Albion flies over in 0083).


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