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Chaos025@aol.com wrote:
> > * core block escape system
> It didn't work as well is it was meant to. How many non-Newtype lives
> did it
> save?
> Personally, I would have kept it. A dedicated emergency ejection
> system would
> have improved my moral if I were an GM pilot! :)
IIRC the GM did have an ejection system, but it was the conventional
rocket nder the seat type of thing and not the fold-up emergency vehicle
the core fighter was.. i always wondered however what reaisticly were
the ods of a Mobile suit taking damage that would have otherwise
prevented it from limping home under it's own power, bbut still would
have left the core fighter intact

> > * super-tuff armor
> When the idea is to not get hit, what good is super-tuff armor? To
> protect
> you from the odd shot? That's what the shield is for. Besides, the
> Gundam
> actually mounted less armor than a Guncannon, and those died pretty
> easy too.
> I still believe the Gundam's invulnerability was Amuro and story plot,
> to
> which the idea of Lunar Titanium was invented to explain later on.

no, Luna titanium is just awsome balistic protection, i.e. those 120mm
Zaku rifles can't touch it.. Zaku and Dom/Rick Dom bazookas however, and
later the Gelgoog's beam weapons however are another matter

> > How could a mobile suit that eliminates all these
> > features, and adds no new ones, be considered
> > _more_ versatile? :-)
> When did I ever say that GMs were more versatile? When I said that
> they were
> easy to modify? When I said that they could be inherently upgraded?
> When I
> said that they could use every weapon the Gundam used, and go
> everywhere the
> Gundam went? When I said that their lower cost made them infinitely
> more
> usable to a military than one super duper ultra powerful unit?
> Yeah, I guess I did say they were more versatile, based on the fact
> that they
> are Gundams built at a lower cost. The Walmart version, so to speak.
> > Eventually, they do get around to producing new
> > GM variants that include some subset of these
> > features (e.g., the Sniper series can use beam rifles,
> > and the GM Commando and GM Sniper II have a
> > second beam saber). But no single version of the
> > GM can match the versatility of the _standard_
> > Gundam...
> That is absolutely right! I agree one-hundred percent. And no one
> Gundam can
> fight over a thousand enemy Mobile Suits and ships, and actually win.
> But one
> thousand GMs can, and did. Quantity over quality is what makes to GM
> more
> versatile. The Gundam can do more, but it cannot be more.

i think what was being missed is that one of you was thinking
versatility in a single Mobile Suit while the other was thinking
versatility in a Mobile suit design, including varients...

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