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> > * reentry capability
> Not needed on a general-purpose, general-use vehicle. The Federation
> has no
> need to launch a massive orbital invasion of the Earth, nor the need
> for
> rapid reentry capability, as they deployed their assets on specific
> fronts.
> So, no need to include it.

To me, in the UC Gundam universe, general-purpose = all-purpose.
Granted, reentry capability for a mobile suit is probably not necessary.

> > * beam rifle support
> While the explanation sucks (IMHO) for the GM not being able to use a
> beam
> rifle (while still being able to use a beam gun), why does a
> general-purpose
> unit need anti-ship capability other than an econonmical hyper
> bazooka?

Greater accuracy, longer range. If used economically, won't run out of
shots as quickly as a bazooka. Also, the Zeon mobile suits were first
used against Federation ships. A ship-busting weapon probably carried
over from Feddie memories about Ruum and British.

> > * spare beam saber (allowing two-handed melee combat)
> Tell me which army in the modern world trains their common foot
> soldiers to
> use two one-handed melee weapons in hand-to-hand combat? Even the SCA
> doesn't
> do that. And no acient army did that either.

An MS is NOT a foot soldier. An extra weapon was pretty useful a couple
of times in the original Gundam when Amuro spent the beam rifle's
energy. Don't get me started on the SCA.

> > * adaptive learning computer
> What good was this piece of hardware after it collected its data?
> Could it
> have been useful to anyone other than R&D? Did it give Amuro a benefit
> that
> could have helped another pilot?

Well, it did help Amuro out. The more he used the Gundam, the more the
Gundam's pilot 'learned' Amuro's piloting style. The computer could
then predict what Amuro would do in a given situation and carry out the
movement for him, unless he dictated otherwise. Theoretically, this
would make the MS easier for a specific pilot to fly over time. The
famouse 'Gundam last shooting' could be attributed to the learning
computer, considering Amuro wasn't in the cockpit during that incident.

> > * core block escape system
> It didn't work as well is it was meant to. How many non-Newtype lives
> did it
> save?

Well, considering in the series and original movies, there were only
three active MSes using the core-block system, the question is a bit
unfair. Hayato did use it, as well as Ryu (though it didn't really save
his life, eh?). Amuro used it at the end, though not quite as an MS
escape system.

> > * super-tuff armor
> When the idea is to not get hit, what good is super-tuff armor? To
> protect
> you from the odd shot? That's what the shield is for. Besides, the
> Gundam
> actually mounted less armor than a Guncannon, and those died pretty
> easy too.
> I still believe the Gundam's invulnerability was Amuro and story plot,
> to
> which the idea of Lunar Titanium was invented to explain later on.

The Gundam carried a shield *because* it had less armor than the
Guncannon. In the first episode, the strength of the Gundam's armor is
shown quite clearly when Jeen(?) fires upon the supine Gundam with the
Zaku's machinegun and the Gundam doesn't get a scratch. Char also
comments on the Gundam's armor after scoring several direct hits on it
in their first encounter. The armor is not a plot is a
feature of the MS.

> > * optional power-up parts (G-Armor)
> Again, what good is it to a common unit used in massive numbers? To a
> single
> elite unit, it was very useful. To a fleet of units supporting each
> other?
> Not so useful. It too complex to be of regular use.

Which is why it was dropped. In fact, the movies remove the G-Armor
entirely, replacing it with the more realistic Core Booster.

> When did I ever say that GMs were more versatile? When I said that
> they were
> easy to modify? When I said that they could be inherently upgraded?
> When I
> said that they could use every weapon the Gundam used, and go
> everywhere the
> Gundam went? When I said that their lower cost made them infinitely
> more
> usable to a military than one super duper ultra powerful unit?

Without a better reactor, the GM *can't* use *every* weapon the Gundam
used; namely, the beam rifle.

Joaquin Torres

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