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> You can't balme some of them -- for them, war is like some far-off thing;
> some of them are in places where urban violence happens, but they haven't
> stuff which is culturally alien to them, like an Amok attack, or Jihads,
> the like. It's a question of cultural and social placement.

yes, like the mall bombings that plagued Manila. people in other countries
are so fortunate they don't have to be frisked every time the enter a mall
or movie theatre. those lines at mall doors suck! now we don't have to
worry about mall bombings but there are street protests everywhere!

> I wouldn't say that our country is war-blasted, garrick, but I do admit
> kinda desensitizing when you just shrug when you see two kids chasing
each other
> with guns or icepicks in hand. I have to tell you about the time a
former dictator
> here in the Philly once ordered a whole village of women and kids to
> without a trace...

I think the Philippines is war-blasted, but not as a whole, there are
certain regions that are especially in the southern islands of Mindanao
where there is a never ending war of Christians and Muslims, it's like a
much, much, much scaled down Israel and Palestine, before the recent

> On this I have to agree. The wing bOYS, Heero and Duo in particular, are
> terrorists. Trowa is also a guerilla, Quatre is an underground strike
> leader and Wufei is, well, Wufei. I think it's one of the reasons why
> and Zechs were so intrigued by the gundam pilots, that they were not
> by soldiers.
> Which makes their actions as the series progresses so dramatic -- because
> abandon terrorism to support their ideals.

I guess kids who can really identify with the Wing boys really don't get to
watch anime coz they're off fighting. yes, its a sad fact there are kids
who grew up in the middle of a conflict and learned to use a gun even before
they learn to read or write.

I guess this is the tragedy of Gundam, that kids have to be dragged in the
useless, immature wars of the adults. another message is I guess that old
people are stubborn with their ways and that the youth should be the source
of change. I mean, most if not all the Gundam pilots aren't even old enough
to legally buy beer when they started piloting the Gundam.

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