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> er...actually, i've never thought of feddies as good
> guys (and how anyone could see feddies as good guys is
> beyond me, seeing just how they function in 0079 and
> snippets of zeta gundam (titans)...)

For the most part, they are the lesser of the evils.

> i think you're missing on a great oav just because you
> refuse to accept feddies as baddies. fyi, the zeon
> weren't the bad guys either. :P

Lets get the history straight. Zeon's deed: Gasing civilian colony cylander
in a land grab. Droping colony before they figure out how to do one, and
causing unnecessary civilian damage. Both Federation and Zeon were quite
liberal in their use of nuclear weapons in space, which cause quite a bit of
damage (OK, most of the damage).

Federation's excess, as represented by the Titan is quite small in
comparison to what Zeon did in the first week of One Year War.

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