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SJ writes,

>Where I disagree is the thought that a unique vehicle is for general-
>and a common vehicles is specialized. The question of function and role
>doesn't apply.

  Sure it does. Saying that unique = specialized and mass-produced =
general-purpose may sounds good in theory, but it has no relation to the
actual mobile suits we're discussing. (And for that matter, it doesn't
even apply to real life...)

  Getting back to the original example: The RX-78 Gundam is a kitchen-
sink, spare-no-expense, do-it-all wonderbot. The designers deliberately
gave it ever feature they thought a mobile suit could ever need, then
threw out half of them to get the cost down to mass-production levels. A
short list of the utility features included in the Gundam and cut from
the RGM-79 GM would include...

* re-entry capability
* beam rifle support
* spare beam saber (allowing two-handed melee combat)
* adaptive learning computer
* core block escape system
* super-tuff armor
* optional power-up parts (G-Armor)

  How could a mobile suit that eliminates all these features, and adds no
new ones, be considered _more_ versatile? :-)

  Eventually, they do get around to producing new GM variants that
include some subset of these features (e.g. the Sniper series can use
beam rifles, and the GM Commando and GM Sniper II have a second beam
saber). But no single version of the GM can match the versatility of the
_standard_ Gundam...

-- Mark

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