garrick lee (
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 17:46:16 -0800 (PST)

er...actually, i've never thought of feddies as good
guys (and how anyone could see feddies as good guys is
beyond me, seeing just how they function in 0079 and
snippets of zeta gundam (titans)...)

and correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't the false
goodness of the federation one of the main thrusts of

i think you're missing on a great oav just because you
refuse to accept feddies as baddies. fyi, the zeon
weren't the bad guys either. :P


--- Graham Belmont <> wrote:
> >Graham Belmont wrote:
> >
> > > I've never seen 0080, and I never will. I heard
> that the graphic novel
> >was
> > > much better. I refuse to accept the Federation
> as the baddies, even for
> >one
> > > OAV. I heard the GN was much better at blurring
> the line between the
> >two.
> >
> >Federation as baddies? I didn't get that out of
> it. I thought one of the
> >points of 0080
> >was to show that sometimes there are no 'bad guys'
> in a local conflict.
> >The only person
> >that you can definitely point a finger at and say
> 'EVIL!!!!' is the
> >commander who ordered
> >the whole operation to destroy the Alex. Everyone
> else is the show is just
> >more or less
> >caught up in the events.
> >
> >junior
> >
> >
> Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at, just
> wasn't able to put it into
> words. The GN does (so I've heard, and so I hope
> find out as soon as I can
> find an English Ver of the GN) as make it clear,
> even more so, that there
> weren't any specific baddies. From what I've been
> able to find out about
> 0080 is that (please correct me if I'm wrong) the
> Feddies ended up breaking
> a treaty with the creation of the NT1, so the Zeon
> set out to destroy it,
> etc...But once again, please correct me if I'm
> wrong. I'd hate to be missing
> out of a perfectly good OAV.
> -G
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