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> KurenaiJiku wrote:
> >NOW I DRAW THE LINE RIGHT HERE. Are you saying that I like Eva because
> >it's JUST hype? If you did, you just insulted everything I believe in Eva.
> > I like Eva genuinely, and if you said that I like it 'cause it's
> >cool...then you're totally out of your league here.
> Sorry.
> I just want to say a few last words before I extracate myself from this never-ending discusssion. Eva and Gundam are different and as illustrated, should be treated differently. But they do strike some similarities which is why some (guilty) tend to push them head on against each other. I'm not offended by Eva, but I am by people who claim it as "the" anime, saying its better than anything else. OK Kuren, you're not one of "them" so why am I complaining to you? I'm not. Its just sentiment and thats all.
> As for why I don't like Eva, its because I just feel that the topics on philosophy they discuss isn't pertinent to me. In Gundam, they deal with simple emotions, simple truths, things that I feel are important. Peace, War, the stability of Earth as a planet, Racism, the population. Sure this ain't "deep" for many, not as deep as God or why we exist, but that is exactly what I don't like about Eva. i just feel that if they wanted to express these very "ethereal" subjects, they failed in their delivery (IMHO). I'm not one to dictate to Anno what to do, and I don't have any ideas on how to do it better either. Its just when people think themselves "intelligent" just because they watch Eva, it really makes me sick to know they don't understand or care about any of what Anno really wants to say.
> Hopefully thats the end of that, and as for the ending (ep 26), I would have to admit that as it disappointed many "Eva fans", I found it... proper to say the least. It was an OK ending for a pretty spacy series.
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