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11.21.00: Get your FIX!

"Gundam Fix," that is. Bandai's just announced a new series of Gundam
figures based on the designs of Katoki Hajime: the Gundam Fix. Gundam Fix is
a book showcasing the photo-realistic art of premier 90's Gundam designer,
Katoki Hajime.

They're made of fully-painted PVC vinyl, just like the Mobile Suit In Action
pieces, but feature a bit more functionality. In the case of the first two
pieces, Full-Armor Gundam and Perfect Gundam, the figures are 1:144 scale
and feature detachable armor. Could a full series of the beloved "MSV"
Gundam designs be far behind? One can only hope...

[Click to see a picture of the HCM-version of the Full Armor Gundam.]
-- Matt

 11.21.00: Chiming In ...

Don't forget the very next MSiA figures will be Gundam Mark II (in Titans
and AEUG coloring) and plain-vanilla Gelgoog.


A gundam Fix line means we might see the Crossbone Gundam, the Gaia Gear,
the Zetaplus (woohoo!), Blue Destiny, and the Musha (By Eris _please_
release this one!) ... stuff we'd probably never see again otherwise. I dig
the potential with this ... the Perfect Gundam certainly sucks, but the Full
Armor is certainly a somewhat attractive design. I especially like the fact
that they're 1/144 scale, so they'll fit in with my HCM's and 1/144

As for the MSiA's, i've been looking forward to the RX-178 (in both
flavors), since its taken over as my favorite Gundam design, but the Gelgoog
should be a nice treat, too, especially considering there should be a couple
of variations of it as well...

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