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> Now here is where I talk to the rest of the ML. What do you really think of
> me? I have sat here and analyzed my own actions and decided that I am in the
> right (at least compared to Mr. Noname here) So what do you all think? As I
> have demonstrated, I am more than willing to change if you can demonstrate
> to me what you find I'm doing wrong. If there is nothing wrong with my
> arguing style or anything, then can you try to ensure that people like our
> friend here don't come and mess the ML up? I'm sure you'll agree that a mail
> of this nature is very insulting and unprofessional.

It's just another bozo being a jerk and, if anything, you've fed his or her ego
too much by dignifying it with a response. In future, ignore it.

As to your question, what do I really think of you, I've learned that, while you
can infer a lot from someone's continued online presence, we all adopt persona
of some sort when we write in a public forum. You rarely see the real person
and should never judge by this outward appearance. Some poeple who come across
as real jerks will, when the chips are down, turn out to be your true friends
who come through for you, while some who come across as reasonable and
thoughtful will turn out to be nothing but words without deeds to back them up.

The only trait that I've seen you display that might put others off is that you
appear to enjoy argument and debate for its own sake, to the point where you
don't seem interested in arriving at any final conclusion or determination. I,
personally, want discussions to go somewhere or do something. While getting
there is half the fun, I want to get there, not just travel on and on, marveling
at the scenery. When an issue is raised, I expect it to be resolved at some

Also, it's more important to discover the truth, and willing to accept it when
it's found, than it is to be right.

> Sigh...I wasn't going to write as much as I said, but when I am personally
> attacked on a public forum, I feel I should do something. Thanks for
> your time.

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

On the plus side, being attacked in a public forum is a compliment of sorts. It
says that you must have made a sufficient impression on someone, somewhere, some


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