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> Well, if I couldn't convince you with my
> Gundam-specific exmples - e.g. the Z'Gok
> versus Gasshia, Dom versus Rick Dom,
> Gundam versus Full Armor Type - then I
> guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

Where I disagree is the thought that a unique vehicle is for general-purpose,
and a common vehicles is specialized. The question of function and role
doesn't apply. The fact that the Dom led to the Rick Dom, Dom Tropen, and
Rick Dom II only means that all four generations are Doms and are a part of
the Dom family tree. They each had different roles and functions, but hey
were still Doms in the end.

> Again, don't spend too much brain on the specs.

Like I said, I do understand. I think they should have put more thought in to
it, rather than just sticking to a bad engineering concept. It is more
reasonable that the GM didn't get to use an expensive to produce weapon
rather than saying the GM couldn't use it because of a lack of power.

GNDN, so to speak.

> Okay, here's the info...

Thank you, I'll see if I can track them down.


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