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SJ writes,

>You are correct, this is where we disagree. I fair as I can tell, a "stock"
>GM is a semi-monocoque frame that is space adapted and has a standard sensor
>package and one cockpit. It has an upgradable generator, upgradable armor,
>upgradable weapons, and upgradable thrusters.

  Well, if I couldn't convince you with my Gundam-specific exmples - e.g.
the Z'Gok versus Gasshia, Dom versus Rick Dom, Gundam versus Full Armor
Type - then I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree. However, if you
don't distinguish between variations, then in theory there's no such
thing as a mobile suit with a specific function - any mobile suit could
potentially be adapted for any combat role in any environment.
Personally, I don't find this a helpful way of thinking about it, but to
each his own...

>No, it has to be something else, 130 kW is too small a difference. The only
>way this small of a difference matters is if the beam rifle needs 1800 kW,
>and 1700 kW just isn't enough. Which may very well be the case, but ignores
>that "low" power requirement of an E-cap system.

  Again, don't spend too much brain on the specs. The basic principles
came first, and the specs we know and love were an afterthought. The
current 1250-vs-1380 kW figures were cooked up in 1986, seven years after
the original series aired. The first official specs gave both Gundam and
GM outputs of 65,000 HP. In the Gundam Century/MSV era, the accepted
values were 29,500 HP for the GM and 37,500 HP for the Gundam - a far
more substantial gap. Throughout all this back-and-forth with the specs
du jour, it's been consistently stated that the GM doesn't have enough
electrical output to use a beam rifle - the actual numbers cited are
little more than fashionable window dressing.

>Yes, please, I would like that very much. :)

  Okay, here's the info...

  Publisher: Kodansha
  Space Edition ISBN4-06-346550-0 Y2000
  Earth Edition ISBN4-06-346551-9 Y2000

  These are kind of a re-issue of a mid-'80s card file set, but they've
added cards for a bunch of 0080 and 0083 variants, and the text is all-
new (written by Bandai's revered Katsumi Kawaguchi). There's stuff in
here you'll find nowhere else, like the development history of the GM
Sniper II and the tactical principles behind the Gyan. Awesome stuff if
you can read it; pretty to look at even if you can't.

-- Mark

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