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Zou, I think he's just really pissed about your net smileys lol He's
jealous or something.


>Since this was sent via anonymous mail (again) I'm going to be replying to
>the list at large instead of mailing this person (which I can't, anyway)
>Let me say one thing first off, though - I find this use of unauthorized
>mail to bash me highly unethical, lacking in character and just plain rude.
>I'm sure some of the other people here agree. While it is true I am very
>outspoken, somewhat stubborn and have the knack of picking contentious
>topics...but then again, these character traits are shared by many of the
>GML members as well. So I think I am quite justified in asking for some
>support in stopping this stuff...if you don't like what I have to say, then
>come right out and say so personally to me, instead of using this
>underhanded method. And spell my name right.
>>Zou TAI AN u don act so hi and mighty ok. U are forever thinking dat u are
>always right
>>and others are always wrong. U from .sg is it? Typical asian mentality.
>For the record, I don't really like Singapore that much because of certain
>reasons, but I won't go as far as to say that everyone from Asia and my
>country behaves in this way. Some do, but then again, so do people all over
>the world. Your comments are just an overgeneralization.
>I am not acting "high and mighty". I have things that I want to say, and I
>can say them as long as I do not insult anyone - this is a free ML. None of
>my mails (to my knowledge) have an overbearing tone or anything that could
>be considered "high and mighty" - I'm stubborn, but that's about it. They
>are similar in tone to most of the rest on the ML.
>>U keep asking for proof, prove it, etc and all dat but U URSELF dowan to do
>your own
>>research. Then when people give you info u say'off the point'. Or 'too lazy
>to write my reasons'.
>As I said, that particular episode was a joke, that's why it had a smiley
>behind it. If it was misunderstood, then these things happen. As for being
>lazy, I have a lot to do in a day. If you want my reasons, simply ask for
>them again and I will more than happy to write them down; if they're not
>requested, I assume it's because the other person/s is happy to debate with
>what's on the floor.
>I have also explained my preoccupation with proof and evidence, and as
>requested, I have tried to tone down how much I look for following Edmund's
>mail. I see nothing that you can complain off.
>>And u forever say rude things to people and put a ^_^ ;) there. u think u
>put it there
>>means people wont get angry? U r the one with the rude condenscending tone
>ok. I
>>tell u, ;) and ^_^ mean NOTHING OK. I can see through u.
>I have also explained this - this is simply the way I talk. I have a friend
>who's an extremely cool guy, but he tends to make very bold statements
>without any adornment (smileys, whatever) so he frequently gets
>misinterpreted. I'm trying to not follow his example. When I add a smiley, I
>am geniuenly trying to be nice and friendly...I cannot convince you of this
>if you don't believe me, but I assure you it is true. I don't see how
>anything I've said can be considered to have a "rude condescending tone"

>since I am very careful to never insult anyone or do anything negative.
>>Then u say u dowan to continue your evagelon discussion on the ML. U say
>people will be
>>angry. But u are secretly hoping someone will say 'no, we don't mind, carry
>on!', and then
>>u start your argument and other nonsense and when people get angry u can
>say 'see, i told
>>u so, i knew someone would get angry, we shouldn't have continue the
>discussion here.'
>If you will allow me to say this, I think mind is working overtime. I have
>already explained why I initially didn't want to continue the discussion - I
>didn't want to offend the people who didn't want to read it. After having
>given the okay, I continued to discuss people I assumed people want to talk
>about it. If people don't, or find it boring, then I will stop. It's very
>simple. You can think what you want - I can't change that, but if you're
>asking me, then the thought never even crossed my mind.
>>And when you give facts u unsure of yourself u say its what your friend
>said. u REFUSE
>>to take responsiblity and accountablity for wat u say.
>I happen to talk to my friend a lot and I mention the GML to him because
>it's interesting. He doesn't want to join it himself, but he has some
>opinions which he tells me to post for him, so I do. As for responsibility,
>I can't very well take responsibility for what my friend says, but I do
>report what was posted to him so he has a chance to reply. If you don't like
>me adding in my friend's comments, I can tell him, but he has a right to
>talk as well, even though he's not on the ML.
>>Then u say u wanna bash the computer just because people dowan to agree
>with u. So childish.
>>So u think the world center around u? So u think everyone must see things
>your way?
>Umm, there was a smiley there too. This computer cost me a lot of money -
>I'm not going to bash it in. ^_^
>If you read my mails, I have said multiple times that this is simply my own
>opinion and no one else's. I respect the views of everyone on the ML - I can
>try to convince you, but you don't need to listen to me if you don't want
>to. For instance, despite this mail, you may still hate me. That's fine, as
>long as you don't insult me, clutter up the ML or do anything else negative.
>>Zou tai an u just answer me this. I am 19. How old r u?
>If you must know, 18. Why?
>Now here is where I talk to the rest of the ML. What do you really think of
>me? I have sat here and analyzed my own actions and decided that I am in the
>right (at least compared to Mr. Noname here) So what do you all think? As I
>have demonstrated, I am more than willing to change if you can demonstrate
>to me what you find I'm doing wrong. If there is nothing wrong with my
>arguing style or anything, then can you try to ensure that people like our
>friend here don't come and mess the ML up? I'm sure you'll agree that a mail
>of this nature is very insulting and unprofessional.
>Sigh...I wasn't going to write as much as I said, but when I am personally
>attacked on a public forum, I feel I should do something. Thanks for your

>Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
>"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh
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