KurenaiJiku (kurenaijiku@rtsfan.com)
Tue, 21 Nov 2000 09:14:45 -0800

Ok someone has an anonymous email software mmm...tasty.

>Zou TAI AN u don act so hi and mighty ok. U are forever thinking dat u are
always right
>and others are always wrong. U from .sg is it? Typical asian mentality.

I detect racist thoughts. Sound the alarm. *alarm sounds*

>U keep asking for proof, prove it, etc and all dat but U URSELF dowan to
do your own
>research. Then when people give you info u say'off the point'. Or 'too
lazy to write my reasons'.

Well so far, not many people are proving their points...

>And u forever say rude things to people and put a ^_^ ;) there. u think u
put it there
>means people wont get angry? U r the one with the rude condenscending tone
ok. I
>tell u, ;) and ^_^ mean NOTHING OK. I can see through u.

That's his way of making sure people don't misinterpret it as a complete
insult. However he likes to write is his problem. I have problems with
too many net smileys, but do you think it's my place to comment about his
style of writing? It's a free world, and if you have a pet peeve
about...peeve about it somewhere else. But then again, this is a free
world...so you can peeve about it here till admin or something dislikes you.

>Then u say u dowan to continue your evagelon discussion on the ML. U say
people will be
>angry. But u are secretly hoping someone will say 'no, we don't mind,
carry on!', and then
>u start your argument and other nonsense and when people get angry u can
say 'see, i told
>u so, i knew someone would get angry, we shouldn't have continue the
discussion here.'

What the...dislusional syndrome.

>And when you give facts u unsure of yourself u say its what your friend
said. u REFUSE
>to take responsiblity and accountablity for wat u say.
>Then u say u wanna bash the computer just because people dowan to agree
with u. So childish.
>So u think the world center around u? So u think everyone must see things
your way?

I don't know about his previous discussions or any such things...but don't
you think it's childish that you used an anonymous emailer to get your
message across? If you had guts, you would have done it with your own email.

>Zou tai an u just answer me this. I am 19. How old r u?

I don't think it applies here. I'm 85, how old are you?


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