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No User wrote:

> Zou TAI AN u don act so hi and mighty ok. U are forever thinking dat u are always right
> and others are always wrong. U from .sg is it? Typical asian mentality.
> U keep asking for proof, prove it, etc and all dat but U URSELF dowan to do your own
> research. Then when people give you info u say'off the point'. Or 'too lazy to write my reasons'.
> etc.
> And u forever say rude things to people and put a ^_^ ;) there. u think u put it there
> means people wont get angry? U r the one with the rude condenscending tone ok. I
> tell u, ;) and ^_^ mean NOTHING OK. I can see through u.
> Then u say u dowan to continue your evagelon discussion on the ML. U say people will be
> angry. But u are secretly hoping someone will say 'no, we don't mind, carry on!', and then
> u start your argument and other nonsense and when people get angry u can say 'see, i told
> u so, i knew someone would get angry, we shouldn't have continue the discussion here.'
> And when you give facts u unsure of yourself u say its what your friend said. u REFUSE
> to take responsiblity and accountablity for wat u say.
> Then u say u wanna bash the computer just because people dowan to agree with u. So childish.
> So u think the world center around u? So u think everyone must see things your way?
> Zou tai an u just answer me this. I am 19. How old r u?

Although normally I wouldn't get involved this crap, but since you posted this to the GML in stead of
to Zhou Tai An personally, I'll put my two cents in.....
Seems to me like you're here just to start some kind of flame war against an individual. Don't get
me wrong, I'm not writing in his defense. But you shouldn't come around here or anywhere else
bashing someone with a No User Identity. What's with this cowardly act?, you got something to hide?
People are here for discussions/information/debates, sometimes they get heated, so what. It's
nothing get all bent out shape about, get over it. Life still goes on regardless of what he or
anyone else says. Given time, people will learn how to post/debate a certain way to the GML, so just
let it go.
If you don't like what he writes, don't read it. If you don't like what he says, don't read it.

Thomas Yung

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