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Tue, 21 Nov 2000 04:49:02 -0800 (PST)

> "because, for the rest of his life, he will go after
> anyone with a sarge's stripes,
> and will hate anyone in uniform in general. It was
> a mercy to him as well,
> because no one will take care of him, and because he
> won't have to become a
> fighting machine for the rest of his life."
> Although I doubt if kids like that can watch
> anime...yes, there are people like
> Heero and Duo and Trowa around.


you should tell me more of these stories when we do
our weekly gathering.

*stomps richie*

anyway, my point in poking fun at statements like "i
identify with heero yuy coz he's so kickass" is
captured precisely by richie's anecdote -- not that
there aren't kids like heero, but that those kids like
heero are very very extreme. do those american kids
who say they identify with heero yuy actually know and
realize what the hell they're saying? war to them is
may as well be "a cool thing" and not the brutal
reality that it, in fact, is. (given the american
penchant of thinking that there is no world that
exists outside of american soil...*sigh*)

kurenai, i hafta disagree with your assessment of
boys-will-be-boys. yes, we were all prepubescent boys
too, but i like to think we had better heads on our
shoulders than what you're implying. then again, i
suppose i'm the weirdo in this case -- because i've
never identified with any fictional character as far
as i can tell (course, i never had favorite
characters...but i have a lot of despised
characters...:P). i don't think i had sugarcoated
delusions of what war was like as a kid either. i
suppose one can attribute that to being a citizen of a
war blasted country and whose parents talk about
surviving world war 2 and life before and after war.
cold water in the face for childhood dreaming, that's
what it is. very sobering.

can any kid who can afford to watch gundam wing really
really really identify with heero yuy -- a kid whose
born and bred for war? scratch that. born and bred
for terrorism and murder is more appropriate. it's
ridiculous, to say the least. american kids saying
that they identify with heero yuy or any of the wing
boyz "coz they're kickass and so damm kewl" annoys and
scares me.

it annoys me because there really IS much more to
gundam wing than pretty boys with big toys rampaging
about. i think those 'kickass kids' just missed the
point of gundam.

it scares me because when american kids say it,
there's a pretty good chance they might actually mean
it. heero yuy and his ever infamous "i will kill you"
line (sorry, i absolutely suck at languages, and i
couldn't remember the original japanese phrase even if
you were to put a gun to my head and pull a heero
yuy). heero yuy, mr. buster rifle himself and his
maniacal laughter. it's scary that they don't think
heero is, uh, 'kEwL' for having conviction in what he
is fighting for or his touch and go affection for
relena. all they remember is heero blowing up stuff.
they don't remember heero's guilt or the scenes
following his trying to make amends with the families
of the romefeller peacemakers.

*big fat hairy sigh*

ok, i'm being an ornery schmuck again. somebody
stomp me.


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