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>actually, he wasn't (looks at old college notes).
>while he followed the style popular at the time, what was intersting was that
>he started incorporating archetypal stories as well as creating his own
>on the prevailing rhythmic modes of speech. he started not exactly a new
> he started a whole new movement in theater and literature; sadly, he did not
>live long enough to see it flower.

A whole new movement counts as a turning point in my books...

>that much I will agree on. though for those with a bit more time, one can see
>a lot of mature themes in GW.

Yes, I don't really mind Wing myself. Still, it sacrifices a lot to appeal
to a larger audience.

>>>stuff is actually pretty intelligent, neh?

We're agreeing again. ^_^

>well, it woke me up, then got me turned off. I guess I will agree with that

But you can't deny that it woke you up.

>on a technicality. ON the Other Hand, Studio Ghibli didn't bother to wake up,
>it's been doing killer stuff for years...

True, but Gainax and Ghibli are very different.

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