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Tue, 21 Nov 2000 19:28:24 +0800 (SGT)

>same story, but once you get to the multpile ending part, interedit all of them
>so you can see what's happening both inside shinji's head and outside in the
>real world. having owned the series and movie endings, I think it should have

But the series ending and the movie ending were intended to be separate...in
the first place, the series ending
it's really a real ending, it's more of a experiment, at least IMHO.

Good idea, though.

>been put together. as it is, when the series ending happened, it was almighty
>confusing, then when you see the movie you go "OH!" It wasn't just me, but
>quite a lot of people I knew who reacted that way. if they were running out

As I said, I don't like it myself.

>of budget during the last episodes, then it could be a god explanation, but
>even then, it was a let down on that. perhaps all this bad versus good, stuff
>can be put down to this:
>it should have been edited better.

Like how? ^_^

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