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Tue, 21 Nov 2000 04:27:47 -0600

> > I have no idea why I'm thinking of this right now
> > (<=hopped up on smokes and coffee), but
> > hypothetically speaking, if someone were to
> > create, say, a GP01 (height: 18m, mass: ~40t,
> > Gen: 1790kw), would there be any way, outside 1)
> > an external power supply, 2) anything minovsky
> > related, or 3) anything that would have to alter its
> > existing frame (ie. keep it looking how it does), to
> > generate that kind of power? Forget anything
> > thruster related, or anything having to do with the
> > core block. How would one be able to use existing
> > technology to make that thing walk?
>I would use a hand full of the miniature fission reactors being developed
>jointly be the Russians and the US for powering satellites intended to used
>in darkside orbits.

I'm using those in my computer right now :) Still have to put the lead case
on it. Human - 0, Procrastination - 1

>Or, you could use disel-electric engines, hydrogen fuel cells, Tesla
>broadcast power (that's one you don't see everyday!)

Didn't one of those blow up a small town in Germany? Or is that his doomsday
machine, designed to resonate opposite the Earths' natural watcha-ma-dealy,
tearing it into tiny bits? Boy, that reminds me, I gotta find some of their

, cable supplied external
>power, a compact fission pile reactor, a magneto-hydrodynamic generator, a
>set of homo-polar generators, accumulators, and the current standby of a
>of batteries.

Well, I have a space about the size of a Chevy S-10 with a topper on to work
with here. I gotta get this baby up and running by January...Uh...I
Mean....uh...oops... Now, last I heard, hydrogen fuel cells would take up
1/4 of the available space, with just enough power to get a car running.
dunno about disel-electric engines, I'll have to look into that (aren't they
used to power trains nowadays? Aren't they huge?). A magneto-hydrodynamic
generator isn't as powerful as a nuclear reactor, just cleaner. But I don't
know squat about those second to last two. Please, educate the savage ^_^ If
anything, I heard those Energizer E^2's are pretty powerful...

Perhaps you all are asking yourselves why I'm asking this. Well, the thing
is, I'm bored as hell. I just graduated from college, I just moved so I had
to quit my job. Bored (a.k.a. taking it easy before going out and starting a
career). Also, given the detail, the mechanical and electrical schematics
I've seen of these things, it makes me wonder how far off into our future
they really are. All we need is an excuse to build them.

OK, time to monkey with my Tesla broadcast tower.

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