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>If I was able to classify everybody into those two reasons, then I'd be a

you just did. genius?

But what I'm saying that is that one way or another, one of those
>two reasons will somehow be one of the reasons why people dislike popular
>things. You may not know it consciously, but instead subconsciously. You

>might not know totally yourself if you know it subconsciously or
> you can't tell me that you definitely know either one of
>those reasons aren't any of the reasons to dislike it.

aha. psychological. very nice defense. if I hate it because it is so popular,
then why did I like it in the fist place? as I said, I don't mind the popularity
of it --after all, that is a function of good marketing, i.e. gundam, pokemon,
etc. The thing is, I want a well-told story...screw popularity.

However, as long as
>you can defend your opinion (if you want to call it defending) and convince

>me that Eva is bad for numerous reasons...then I will agree with you. But

>right now I don't find anything wrong with the least none that

>I can remember.


i sense a little disturbance in the tone there. and I don't mean to convince
you. just airing out my side here.


>Also, there are many who don't know what's really going on in the show, but

>just like/hate it because everybody else does.

ah, but then, they should be allowed their own voice's a free world
out there, and that's how we find out who are idiots and who aren't. Welcome
to the new definition of freedom as bespoken by "me, too" people...LOL!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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