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>analytical? Evangelion? something that takes to using the sephiroticum as
>roof and floor designs on Dr. Ikari's office? do you realize how discomfitting
>that was? They were using symbols with deep religious/cultural meaning for

Umm, yes, that was the intent. The reason why EVA uses all his theological
stuff is also for shock value - to get the watcher thinking. They people
fight Angels (the messengers of God) with EVAs (made from Lilith's flesh) -
the juxtaposition of the religious symbols is intended to create an effect.
I know they're not following the "proper" way to use the symbols...because
there is no proper way! Writers can use this stuff any way they want, as
long as they don't insult people.

>Now as for implying that I like spoon fed approaches...i think you overstep
>your bounds. I don't mind ambiguous stuff, but it has to be done right. I
>don't give a damn about the message -- after all, entertainment is the message,
>when you come don to it, but I do give a whit about presentation. I know what

Well, I disagree here...I think the message can be important and the actual
article lousy, but nevermind.

>eva was trying to do, but my point is, it was poorly executed. I don't just
>think it sucks, as you put it, nor do I want spoon fed definite answers, nor
>do I think Anno ended it wrong. I just think that it was not done in a manner
>that would have made it so much better...and with this kind of story, you lose

I notice you returning to this point often later on...before you continue,
could you please explain what you mean by "wrong?" I know you have made some
reference to what you dislike about EVA, but nothing too concrete...

>oh, and before you go thrashing me on philosophy and theology. i had the
>honor of watching it with an anime loving priest and a guy who taught
>who were about my age (26; the priest was about 30). they liked it in the
>but then in the end they were just so disheartened by the way the story was
>told. they had no problem with primal goop, or the other things; they just
>were disappointed in teh stroytelling. oh, and the priest was laughing his

How so?

>ass off because of the sometimes wrong use o religious symbolisms -- which is
>no surprise, since Japanese aren't by nature Catholic or Jewish.

The Japanese use religious symbols in lots of different ways, often
"wrong"...(now I'm arguing like Edmund and using a whole lot of quotation
marks. ^_^)

>case in point: F91 sucks because of the fact that it was so shortened to fit
>into the time limitations. good story, bad editing. something like that for
>Evangelion also.

Hmmm...I see where you're coming from, but I still disagree.

>I've worked as an editor, as a writer, as a teacher, as a musician, and even
>as (god help me) a paranormal events investigator...and through all this, i

Good for you. ^_^

>have been involved in media and how to do things right for a good story...so,
>my point is: it wasn't told correctly. great potential, poor exectution of
>final point. I get it, but it could have been better. ambiguity is good, yes,
>but it has to be used correctly.

So what is your idea of a properly done Evangelion?

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"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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