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> Racism? Thats the most ridiculous thing I've heard! If you want to see
racism look to the Zeons who think they're the chosen race, or the Earth
government who's so bad the colonies launched 5 brats to kick their butts.
G-Gundam is the most UNRACIST of the Gundams. Its like the Olympics for
God's sake, just fight (no killing) for the right to rule next. Its
democratic and its relatively safe. So the designs for the other countries
seem offensive, or there was no Pinoy Gundam. They're designs and nothing
deeper than that. They probably don't even know anything about the countries
they featured (I mean, the Mermaid Gundam from Denmark. Maybe all they know
of Denmark is the Little Mermaid!) So Neo Japan is the strongest. Man this
show was made in Japan! If I wrote this I'd make the Philippines win.
> This is entertainment people. A nice story about good and evil which
should not have to dragged deeper into the psyche. But I do wish for a pinoy

I find a lot of American cartoons and shows to be racist because they always
portray the bad guys as east Europeans (like Russians or from one of the old
Soviet Republics or any former member of Warsaw Pact) or from the Middle

Hhhmmm, actually I don't, but after reading that other e-mail that blames G
Gundam for racism, I started feeling that way, like why is there and endless
supply of bad guys from east Europe or the Middle East?

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