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Tue, 21 Nov 2000 00:19:52 -0800

>>Oh Yeah? Try counting how many scenarios were dedicated to the Eva
>storyline and compare that with those from say "Getta Robo". Even when we
>try to get away from the Eva scenarios, most just can't be avoided and it
>sucks. They even gave the Evas these super powerful weapons seemingly so it
>would be almost stupid not to use them. They're just everywhere and thats
>what I hate.

I don't think the game designers were that stupid to consider to balance
the weaponary from Eva between the other series. Remember when SRW was
first implemented with the Eva series; Eva was at it's pinnacle of
popularity. The reason why the designers made Eva so overpowering was
that; Eva is about God, and there's no way you can defeat something that
beat God (angels) really easily. Secondly, don't you think it'd be stupid
to make something that's really popular, really weak? I think more than
half the fans would give the designers a major hunk of their minds. They'd
have more of an outrage rather than something good, so the logical thing to
do is to make the fans happy and reap in the cash. I do think the
designers are out for that; money.

>>>>In any case, I wouldn't mind continuing to discuss this topic on the ML
>>I think its healthy, because not only is this related to Gundam (well a
>little) but it serves as a way to know each other better

I think the reason why we side track so much on the GML is that there's a
great number of consistent members here. And that we've been on this list
for probably more than a year. Having been through so many arguments, so
many agreements, and so many conversations that we feel that we can trust
each other one way or another. Therefore, we treat GML of more like a club
where we can vent our ideas about related ideas and hobbies that a great
deal of us enjoy. So it's like a "big happy family" kinda deal. That's
probably one of the better things I like about this list. Everybody can
have mature conversations with little to none vendettas or grudges...unlike
many of the thousands of the millions of forums and ML's related to Anime
or any sort of hobby involving heavy opinion.


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