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On Tue, 21 Nov 2000 07:13:47 Richie Ramos wrote: >>I'd argue that EVA is a BIG turning point, but since I know what you're >>going to say to most of my arguments, I won't bother. ^_^ >>>nah. I disagree on that. What Eva did accomplish was that it served as a pointer to people that mature themes could be marketed to a large audience.

Mature themes? But that has been done before. I see nothing so revolutionary about Eva. Themes on being alone, orphaned, growing up without a parent, that stuff was already done in Gundam. Sex? Religion? Eva barely touched the stuff. What Eva did was basically show a conspiracy with a helpless boy like Shinji in the middle. I don't even understand how anybody can identify with Shinji. I mean, Amuro was in the same situation, but he grew up. I guess its not fair to Shinji because he only had 26 episodes and three movies for which to mature, but that is just my point. Eva didn't touch topics hard enough, they just teased the audience with philosophical jargon and left it hanging. I see no maturity in that. If they dared, then they should have taken it too the limits of expression, like in Nadia, where death and growing up, war and conspiracy is better illustrated. Eva is just hype. Now the Daikun philosophy of Contolism, thats something mature, something intriguing, something to! think about.


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