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>My only thing with it is not that it was used at Eva at all, but that it was
>done badly in some of the cases.

I agree. (See, we can agree! ^_^)

>Eva for me is not a turning point. a true turning point in anime would be
>like Mazinger Z, the first UC gundam series, perhaps Nausicaa. I would also
>include stuff like Starblazers...in other words, series which started genres.
> Eva didn't start a genre. it had a spoof (dual), and a tomino answer

That's for you. For me, something doesn't need to start a genre to be a
turning point - to use an example, Shakespeare's stuff marked a kind of
turning point in English literature, and he was writing in the same vein as

> Not much else. yes, we see snippets of its deisgn in a lot of newer stuff,
>but it didn't start of genres. And tehre was no way wing could be a genre

Wing is Gundam for the masses...

>as for the turning point part. what turning point? you say things about
>warriors...but there's so much out there. Eva wasn't the turning point on
>it was just a great marker on the road saying that there are other stuff aside
>form kiddie bikini warrior stuff. and even then, some of these underage
>stuff is actually pretty intelligent, neh?


I'd argue that EVA is a BIG turning point, but since I know what you're
going to say to most of my arguments, I won't bother. ^_^

>nah. I disagree on that. What Eva did accomplish was that it served as a
>to people that mature themes could be marketed to a large audience. But it
>was good too, in individual sequences. That much I will agree on.

It woke every damn person up, that's what it did...

>I agree with that. Gee, Kuren, I actually believe I'm beginning to get how
>you think! Cool!

Yes, that was very well put.

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"There is no one simple truth." - Rune Walsh

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