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>>Not really. Check Shinji's stats in both SWRFF and SRWA - while not Newtype
>>material, he's definitely one of the strongest human pilots. Also, his high
>>synch-rate aids him.
>I don't give a darn about the stats. the kid fights big nasty aliens, yes,

Ummm, since we're talking about the game and it's balance, you have to care
about the stats. ^_^

>but Amuro has fought PEOPLE. He's had to kill flesh and blood of his own kind,
>and he dealt with it. no amount of "stats" can change that. Also, the

Yes, and that's why his mental state is Normal instead of Weak like
Shinji's. Though Shinji grows up a lot in the game...

>is USELESS. remember what I said? Amuro can transfer his ability to any mech,
>because it is a skill unto himself. that synchrate of Shinji's goes through
>the roof only with the Eva-01, which I believe has some genetic similarity to

Moot point, because Shinji can only pilot one mech in the game...

>LOL! true. but I don't trust that game's stats. trust me, it's screwy, and
>I know because I've played them. to be honest, no Eva unit or Gundam unit can

Well, before you bash the game, do consider the immense amount of series's
whose power they needed to balance...I think they did a pretty good job of
creating a playable game. Of course, I have problems with it as well, but I
think on the whole it was done quite well.

Edmund, help me out here! ^_^ Although seeing as he doesn't really like EVA
I shouldn't be asking for help...

>come close to a hopping mad Super robot. Just think about how many gundams
>mazinger Z would take down. and yes, if his chest beam hits an Eva, it will

Ummm, zero? It couldn't hit them. ^_^

>still take the eva down -- and it's a wide angle blast with nasty range, if
>you look at the series...we're not even counting that weird breath attack, or

If you use Hot Blood and your morale is high enough, yes. If not, the AT
Field will stop it.

Technically, the AT Field should stop almost anything cold, considering the
energy needed to breach it is something on the order of 100,000,00 kilotons
of energy...

>his eye beams...and mazinger Z is a WEAK Super Robot. imagine if it was
>or Danguard Ace?? no need to use weapons, just stomp.

Gunbuster is only one size larger than EVA.

>because we all are fanatics about our own little favorites. so don't say such
>things. that's why I never did.

I'm not saying I'm not passionate about EVA, I'm saying I'm not a wild
fanboy who ignored people's opinions and argues without evidence. I'm sure
that at least you can agree with. ^_^

>hmmmm. V is not good in terms of animation, but it assuredly gets better by
>the second half. ZZ is much the same. Tomino seems to have this thing about
>things getting better in the second half.....


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