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From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> I suspect that, sometimes, people feel like they have to choose between
> shows... as with the animosity between UC and Gundam Wing fans, the
> Gundam-bashing I've seen among Eva fans, and the reciprocal Eva-bashing
> from Gundam fans.

The camps do tend to get a bit rowdy. I do tend to be vocal about my dislike
for Eva when I'm with friends who have the same sentiments as I do. Things
start to get ugly when you bring it out in public, particularly when people
are emotionally attached to characters or situations that you mention to be
blase in some way. But even then, we do tend to get a bit emotional
ourselves or the hairs on the back of our neck start to prick up when
someone says Char is a "so-so villain". ^_^

I think the camps are unavoidable and fans will mount an assault on a
perceived "rival" whether its Yaoi/non-yaoi, Star Wars/Star Trek, Gundam/Eva
and UC/Wing. I've been in the middle of some - both IRL and on the net - and
sometimes you can get carried away with the mob yourself without noticing
it. I feel the only thing we CAN do is to keep things in good humor and
make sure no one is taking this TOO personally or be sensitive enough to
notice when someone else is.

Personally, I like all these shows, and don't see any
> reason why they can't coexist happily (along with Turn A, Brain Powered,
> Gaogaigar, and other great series).

Well, the nature of fandom itself is what's causing the friction I guess.
Whether you're a girl complaining about the booming chest sizes in anime or
a guy going "huh?" when you see little action happen in Turn-A Gundam's
first few eps., people will always have opinions. In turn, people will want
to tell what they feel about it too, neh? I'd rather have that than a dead
ML with little to talk about. That's why I hang around the GML in the first
place.. so much happens in a single day here.. ;)

The only thing we can really do is to check ourselves and watch what we say
(instead of saying "Eva sucks eggs." we should say "well, the apocalypse
scenario isn't my cup of tea"), keep things in good humor and be wary of
people who are TOO sensitive about these things and stay away from them. :P

> IMHO. I think Eva was an experiment gone wrong

I agree with that. Though, this isn't the place for me to start ranting...


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