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> You guys don't nderstand do you? Its not about country representation at
all. This is Fantasy boys and girls, a flight of fancy. Their
representations may well be just the first thing they thought of when they
think of a country and that don't make any difference.
> I've already lost the battle debating on the legitimacy of alt gundams and
G-Gundam should be treated no less. G-Gundam is a Fantasy dressed up with
Gundam costumes. TO some this may sound strange, but most of the true inner
conflict and emotion represented in Tomino's older Gundams is well preserved
in this series, even better than those so-called "real robot" Alt. Gundams.
> And unlike those other, pardon my fury, "Gundam rip-offs", G-Gundam is a
stand-alone work of art. Its enjoyable, emotional and intriguing. Of all the
Gundams I've seen (and i've seen a lot) G-Gundam has the most exciting
ending (in case you haven't seen it). This is what anime should be like, and
I'm damn proud to have witnessed it. And better for the Gundam franchise to
have such a beautiful show among its ranks.
> Abet
I still think it's cruel.:P

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