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Mon, 20 Nov 2000 20:05:21 -0800

> James writes,
> >Not on the specific subject, but on the general subject...
> >Heero and the other GW boys seemed to be newtypes even though there was
> >mention of it..
> Since the concept doesn't exist in Gundam Wing, who can say? It's worth
> noting, though, that the original series proposal for Gundam Wing _did_
> specify that one of the heroes was newtype - namely Wufei, whose newtype
> abilities enabled him to tell good from evil and dispense justice
> accordingly. (Presumably something like Amuro, who was able to see Dozul
> Zabi's hatred & fanaticism take visible form.)
> Of course, this was also the same series proposal that had Trowa be
> part of a _mobile suit circus_ of performing' bots. The final version of
> the story was a bit less goofy. :-)
> -- Mark
Yeah...wow...I'm actually talking to mark simmons...wow...
You izza very good smart genious person guy who helps people.
May I suggest the next piccy you do is the kampfer?

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