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Abet asks,

>After CCA, the Earth system experienced, well around 30 years of relative
>peace and order. During such time (F91) why was it that the use of
>psycommu weapons discontinued? Not really discontinued, but I mean, in
>0093, they should have known the power of psycommu weapons like the
>funnels, and by that time, the concept of Newtypes is probably regraded
>as fact. Why then were there no other Gundams with funnels? (considering
>that few even remember what a Gundam is by this time)

  Simply put, no naturally-occurring newtypes to use them. I can think of
only a handful of authentic newtypes in the post-CCA era - Usso Ebbing
from V Gundam, Tobia Arronax from Crossbone Gundam, the Elefante pilot
and probably Sherindon Ronah (also from Crossbone Gundam). It's not clear
whether Seabook and Cecily from F91 are even a little bit newtype.

  On the other hand, the techniques for creating artificial newtypes are
pretty well-understood - Gyunei Gass from CCA seems perfectly sane. This
process is applied to Karoso Ronah, Rein Eim (from the Hathaway novels),
and Fara Griffon and Katejina Loos (at least according to the V Gundam
novels). Seems to me that genuine newtypes are probably outnumbered by
artifical ones in this time period.

  Okay, so if you really need a newtype to control the funnels, you can
always create one. So what's the holdup?

  Well, we do see a variety of remote weapons in the post-CCA time frame,
just no funnels to speak of. (Only examples I can think of are the
Elefante and Divinidad from Crossbone Gundam.) We see some mobile suits
with one or two remote weapons - e.g. the Contio's wired shot claw, which
is probably a variety of incom, and the Rig Contio's wireless shot claw.
But mostly it's used to control support mecha, like the Zanneck Base, the
Genagaozo's back engine unit, and the Gottrlatan's cannon. Since the
technology is clearly still in existence, there must be some tactical
reason why funnels are no longer used. Perhaps they're simply considered
too wimpy in terms of firepower...

-- Mark

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