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On Mon, 20 Nov 2000 05:32:38 Richie Ramos wrote: >>Well, although it's a large part of the storyline in both SRWFF and SRWA, it > >>doesn't really "hog the spotlight" like you mention - if anyone is hogging > >>it, it's still the same old Super Robot pilots and Gundam ones.

Oh Yeah? Try counting how many scenarios were dedicated to the Eva storyline and compare that with those from say "Getta Robo". Even when we try to get away from the Eva scenarios, most just can't be avoided and it sucks. They even gave the Evas these super powerful weapons seemingly so it would be almost stupid not to use them. They're just everywhere and thats what I hate.

> >>As I stated in another mail, whenever a series gets extremely popular, it >>inevitably 1) gets on people's nerves a bit (you think EVA is bad, what >>about the ever-present SM and DBZ?)

True enough. But I still love DBZ

>>In any case, I wouldn't mind continuing to discuss this topic on the ML

I think its healthy, because not only is this related to Gundam (well a little) but it serves as a way to know each other better


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