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SJ writes,

>Never said GMs had a greater range of ability, nor that they even match the
>Gundams capabilities. I said GMs filled every role the Gundam was ever used
>in. Not as well, as seem in some cases, but they could do it.

  Ah, and that's where I'd differ. As far as I can tell, the stock GM is
far more specialized for close-range combat. (It could presumably carry a
hyper bazooka, if not a beam rifle, but you never see this in the
animation... at least not until 0083, whose GM Kai is presumably more
well-rounded than the One Year War version.)

>The one nagging point I have kept away from is the insistence that GMs can't
>use beam rifles. Why? As far as I can determine, the beam rifle is a
>semi-closed system that requires external power to release its stored mega
>particles, but doesn't actually require anything else external.

  Right. It's just a question of electrical output. Like the original
version of the Gundam, before it was upgraded to match the beam rifle's
requirements, the GM simply doesn't have enough juice.

>It is
>mentioned in several places that GMs need to be up-powered to use a beam
>rifle, but their reactor out put is only a 130 kilowatts less than the
>Gundam. Why does make so much of difference? It doesn't make any sense.

  Don't obsess over the specs. The GM's inability to use a beam rifle has
been amply documented, and I'd say this fact is more significant than the
accepted specs. (Likewise, Z Gundam's Hambrabi is clearly a fast mobile
suit, regardless of its pitiful thrust specs.)

>The only place I've seen in print that states that GMs are superior to the
>Gundam is in the novelisation, and even I don't take that as gospel.

  I certainly wouldn't! :-)

>What is the MSV Collection File, and were can I access it?

  It's a two-volume book set, with each mobile suit profile printed on a
removable card. (Kinda like Hobby Japan's Gundam Mechanics series, except
the cards are smaller and the text is written by people who know what
they're talking about.) If you want to special-order it, I can provide
the publisher & ISBN info...

>Not to me. This is like saying a cherried out Mustang isn't a Mustang at
>simply because it has been upgraded.
>A Zaku is a Zaku, be it an F, J, S, B, M, C ... whatever, its still a Zaku
>A GM is a General-purpose Mass-produced Mobile Suit, be it a C, G, E, L,
N or
>RGM-79, 80, 83 ... whatever, its still a GM.
>Just because the engines is bigger or smaller, the armor is heavier or
>lighter, or the weapons are numerous or few, doesn't mean the basic vehicle
>has changed. Nor has its function change, even though it has a different
>than it did before.

  Hm... well, if you don't accept different versions as being different
mobile suits, then it's hard to pin any mobile suit down to a specific
role. What about the Gundam Full Armor Type, which has no melee weapons?
What about the Gelgoog Cannon, ostensibly a support mobile suit? And if
the Dom and Rick Dom are the same mobile suit, then how can we describe
it the Dom as a ground type?

  To pick an extreme example - the MS-13 Gasshia, from the MS-X series,
is supposed to be based on the Z'Gok design. In this case, should we
redefine the Z'Gok as a universal mobile suit that works in any
environment, including space? This is going to make it hard to say
anything meaningful about mobile suit functions. :-)

-- Mark

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