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> BTW weren't the "New backpack" GMs cold climate types?

Nope the ones they had (manga GMs aren't always easy to tell)
seemed to be katoki-like retcon GMs with 4 thrust nozzles on
their backpacks, most of the units at the time had two major big
thrusters and that was it, the first animated 4 thruster backpack
I can remember from the animations was the Space type in 0080
but thses were given to the guys around the time of the Odessa
operation, a full month before 0080's story begins.

If they were 0080 style GMs (don't have the manga in front of me
so I'm leaving some squirm room for later) they probably weren't
Cold Climate types which are very low thrust units, although they
have 4 thrust nozzles too, they are 15,000kg types, which equals
the secondary thrusters on many of the faster MS of 0080, main
thrusters always seem to be 20,000+ kg or more.

Makes me want a 'Director's Cut' of 0080 something that starts
out the Zeons tracking a cargo container to the Fed Artic base
or something, it would include the scene where Killing's fleet &
its Nuclear missiles get destroyed while Al's dad watches from
his puny civillian transport (even if this a flashback when he tells
Al about it, to keep the tension there) And I'd want maybe one
or two scenes acknowleging that the White Base was in port in
one of the other colonies. And maybe a bigger scene where the
Riah government says Zeons can't come to Side 6 anymore, it
wasn't just the unprovoked attacks by Bernie's group in Ep 1 or
the attack in Ep 2 where they attack to smuggle Bernie in, but
the attack of Conscon's fleet on the White Base right outside of
Side 6's "airspace" that probably brought the hammer down on
the Zeons.

Wow all that from such a little question?


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