Graham Belmont (
Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:27:40 CST

Hey Everyone!

Was out surfing the other day and came across your keen mailing list,
figured I'd join ya. (It's good to finally meet Gundam fanatics like

Lesse here, I guess a little info on myself is in order. I've been a fan of
Gundam in all it's incarnations for about six years (except for that
blasphemous Turn-A Gundam >.< ). I have a modest collection of 170 models,
mostly 1/100 and MG, the proportions are amlost always off on 1/144, and
PG's just too damn expensive! (But what I wouldn't give for that PG Zeta.)
And last but not least my fave Gundam series is 8th MS Team, even tho' the
DVD's I have are in Japanese w/ Mandarin sub's.


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