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> My definition of GM is 'Cannon Fodder'.

Let me try to change your mind, the GM actually is quite an effective MS
what you see in 0080 but might not understand is that the GM fodder in
the first episode are "guards" the blue Hygogs are all "special forces" ms.
The Gray Zuggock is the commander's unit. Now in any story where a
spec forces team crawls up from the water and assaults the base, what
usually happens to the guards?

Everybody seems to remember the GMs that Misha shot up, but they
forget the lone GM that defended the shuttle long enough for it to get
away, and shot Andy's Hygog all to hell.

In episode 1 the home defense team of GMs is up against the continuity
black hole Zaku FZ which is more powerful than any other Zaku, and it
shouldn't really exist, but I digress if they were winning everywhere they
wouldn't have to retreat so quickly, so obviously they only did well in the
"on-screen" battles. But the GMs gave pretty well there too.

In episode 2 GMs had to fight Rick Doms and Gelgoog Jaegers another
pair of super mobile suits from 0080. For comparison the Jaeger beats
both types of Gelgoog that Cima and her crew used in 0083, and wasn't
ever built in mass quantites, its another Zeon Ace mobile suit so Cannon
Fodder pilots wouldn't deal too well with it either. The Rick Dom is more
an even fight for a GM space type, but the guys who animated 0080 didn't
seem to think that way.

Try watching the battle of Abowaku, or Solomon sometime, even the clip
in the beginning of 0083 isn't too bad a showing the fact that the Zeons
drowning under the numbers of the federation. When you can lose over 1/3
of your fleet to the enemy's super cannon and still have enough people to
swarm the enemy stronghold you don't need an army of Gundams.

> I've got all 6 Episodes of 0080 (Only Gundam Anime I've got.)

Great starting choices... really. But you can't judge the whole war by those
two weeks of fighting. Zeon spent a lot of resources trying to destroy the
Alex. what's really neat is that for a short time during 0080 the White Base
and its crew were on one of the other Side 6 colonies.

So at the same time, Char and Lalah were there, and Conscon's Fleet was
in pursuit of the Whitebase. Amuro's deranged father was living there and
everyone on Side 6 saw the Gundam (Amuro's not Chris's) fighting the Zeon
and winning handily against Zeons on Television.

> And in the Fed/Zeon Moblie Suit Battles in eps 1,2 and 4-The Kill ratio is
> GM's for 1 Zaku Unit. And how do you Say GM anyway?

Many people pronounce it "Jim"

Another really cheap way to gain some more respect for the GMs might be to
pick up the Blue Destiny graphic novel, its fairly cheap, and has some great
action. Here another Hygog group of Special forces troops goes up against
test pilots Yu Kajima, and the rest of his team. With fairly ordinary (new
GMs they defeat the same kind of force that wiped out the defenders at the
artic base in the first 5 minutes of 0080.

To make a point about what Mark was saying about the Gundams being more
powerful than GMs is right, but their usefulness isn't hampered quite so
much by
their beam spray guns as he likes to let on. All the really dangerous GMs
to use the 90mm SMGs and 90mm GM Custom rifles anyway. They can also
use the same Bazooka as the Gundam, so all that really separates them is one
really overactive reactor, a beam rifle, and a backup beam saber.

The GMs which nobody has mentioned can see farther (monoeye optics are
better refined for the one lens, than the two eyes of the gundam) and they
the triumphant underdog of the Gundam series.


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