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>I think that's just the game thing. they probably had to do a correlation and
>comparison thing.
>As for why Amuro would be powerful, I think it would be because his skills are
>not tied into his MS; his abilities are inherent to himself. Shinji, on the
>other hand, needs the Eva-01 itself to become hell on wheels (or legs) -- and
>even then, it's not him, it's his Eva reacting to his distress. I would rate

Not really. Check Shinji's stats in both SWRFF and SRWA - while not Newtype
material, he's definitely one of the strongest human pilots. Also, his high
synch-rate aids him.

>Asuka as a better pilot, since her natural aggressiveness would have made her
>a better fighter overall.

She's actually worse in the game, and I agree with the assessment.

>that's my two cents on it. and of course, the abilities of the EVA units,
>impressive in themselves, is really not as spectacular as some of the Super
>Robots, like think aboutbhow large Gunbuster or Danguard Ace is. even worse,
>if you have Gaiking, how big is the Grand Dragon? And considering the
>these robots pack, it's really no surprise.

Yes, these guys can shred bosses if given enough time and morale, but how
many hits can they themselves take? Also consider the fact that Super Robots
are basically unable to evade anything - one blast from a boss's superweapon
and they're dead or near death.

>>As I stated in another mail, whenever a series gets extremely popular, it
>>inevitably 1) gets on people's nerves a bit (you think EVA is bad, what
>>about the ever-present SM and DBZ?)
>Ever figured out why sailormoon is good? It uses Victorian romaticism

No, because Sailormoon is not good. ^_^ Just kidding. I was talking about
the fanboys/fangirls who don't care a whit about the mythology...

>it mixes in the suymblisms for Grecoroman gods, and THEN also puts in mythology
>and symbolism from Japanese mythology. Yes, it's cheesy, but it makes no bones

I recall explaning why I don't mind EVA's haphazard theological references
somewhere else...was it to EchoFox, or this ML?

>about that. DBZ, on the other hand, I don't care for at all, but then it's
>a problem with the company, not the writer, if you follow the events about what
>happened to DBZ behind the scenes.

Well, Toriyama himself isn't exactly a great writer.

>2) generates fanboys who cannot see
>>other people's point of view (thankfully, I don't fall into that area) and
>we have a saying about this: don't throw rocks aimlessly...

Meaning? ^_^

>actually true, but it doesn't change the fact that I like Gundam because of
>certain precepts, and I don't like Eva because of certain others. I like the
>mecha and costume designs, heck the chara designs are good too, but I simply
>do not like the story. I get what it was trying to do, but I do not like the

Your prerogative. I might try to convince you otherwise, but you believe
what you want to believe. It's fine with me.

>execution. I prefer stuff like 0080, Nadesico, Escaflowne, El-Hazard, 0083,
>GW, G gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Mononoke Hime, Nausicaa...and I did enjoy
>flame of Recca, currently getting a hoot out of Karekano, and then there's

I find Flame of Recca too childish for me, but again, that's my opinion.

>And I don't like all that's gundam. I find 0080 to be kick ass, and 08thMS
>from what I've seen so far. 0083 was an action movie, and F91 was too short.

Liked 0083, but there are problems with it. F91 we all know why it was bad,

>It's interesting to see diverse points. But then, Gundam must always be there.
> So here's it is: what was in your opinion the worst of the UC?

Hmmm, good question. From what I've seen of V Gundam (admittedly, not much)
it doesn't seem too hot, and ZZ is kinda stupid (although a friend assures
me that it gets better) Those two would have to be in my bad books.

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